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    This is the section for LBP PS-Vita. Levels for this game are stored in one's profile. Be mindful that region indicator indicates what region (only) can load that profile.

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    gallery/earth lbp

    Level Pack/Profile 1

    (EU) By: Tyl


    You will also need the PS-Vita data transfer tool to import these to Vita.


    PS-Vita Official Data Transfer Tool  (PC)

    Level Pack/Profile 2

    (EU) By: Chunky104

    Update Data, required to play archived levels/profiles


    Level Pack/Profile 3

    (EU) By: Hopefullyidontgetbanned

    Level Pack/Profile 4

    (US) By: TheLaughingMan

    PS-Vita QMCA Data Transfer Tool  (PC) (Works Better)

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