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    This is the section for tools, mods, and every other extra download.

    gallery/earth lbp


    LBP Farc data management tool by Ben B.


    the source code for the tool can be found here.

    PS3 Game Packets

    Various packet captures for PS3 titles.

    Image Import Tool

    Profile 100%/Unlock Tool

    Texture Finder Tool

    100% completion save file, by

    created by ItsCaptainModz.

    Imports image files to game, by Jekira.

    FARC Extractor

    Lang File Conversion Tool

    lang file to txt tool by Jekira.

    FARC Extractor script by Jekira.

    A texture search tool by IceBerg.

    OffZip Tool

    Tool by Aluigi.

    GUID Mapper

    Open CWCLibrary

    A tool by Ben B. to edit GUID's. Source here.

    A rewrite of the "craftworld" lbp library

    source code of which can be found here.